The Avanir Chronicles

The Realms are breaking. The Great Tree of the World is dying. And those with the power to remake it are lost.

Weaving past and present together, from the restless sands of the Great Desert, to the ancient city of Ashianys, this epic fantasy series tells the heroic journey on a grand, immersive scale.

L. E. Dereksen’s debut series can be found on Amazon, Indigo, and other online retailers.

Shards of Law
Book One of the Avanir Chronicles

Scattered across time, three lives will shape the fate of the Realms:

  • Haunted by the bloodless creatures of the desert, Ishvandu of Shyandar must overcome his worst enemy—himself—to become the Guardian he’s always longed to be.
  • Ashkynas, last of the Al’kah, has committed the unthinkable. Now, fleeing his own betrayal, tormented by the power he carries, he must wield destruction to save everything.
  • In the forests of the north, young Hyranna Elduna stumbles upon a centuries-old secret—a deadly force that may be the key to the world’s fate.

One of these must rise to restore the Laws of Creation, or become themselves the heralds of ruin.

Shadows of Blood
Book Two of the Avanir Chronicles

A sworn Guardian at last, Ishvandu’s real battle has only begun. The attacks of the Sumadi have grown relentless. The people are dying. Food and water are scarce. And the Circle expects Ishvandu to do something about it. But when he uncovers a terrible truth, Ishvandu must choose between the laws he’s sworn to uphold and the power that could save his people forever.

Three hundred and forty-three years later, in the forests to the north, Hyranna lies dying and betrayed. Is it too late for her? Or can she outlast the dark power of the Aktyr and free her friend from the cruelty of the Manturian slavers?

The answer may lie in a different sort of power: one that has endured the darkness—and may yet bring hope to a broken world.

Riven Soul
Book Three of the Avanir Chronicles


Unseen Fire
Book Four of the Avanir Chronicles