Book Two of the Avanir Chronicles

I’ve gotten lots of feedback from my first readers, and so far the common complaint has been: when’s book two coming out? Shards of Law definitely has a question or two left hanging. I can answer none of them prematurely! All I can say is I’m currently hard at work on my second book.

Book Two of the Avanir Chronicles 2ND DRAFT
58% Complete
115,000 of 200,000 words
2ND DRAFT content edits

Fact Sheet

Characters: you’ll see surviving characters from Book One, as well as a few new ones.

Obviously we will continue to follow Ishvandu, but we’ll also delve into Kulnethar’s point of view. From Hyranna’s timeline, I’m excited to introduce Tandra Yourk, an old badass Manturian trader who’ll do anything to get her wayward nephew out of trouble. But whatever happened to Balduin? Perhaps Book Two will provide some clues.

Length: 200,000 words (similar to the first book).

Stage: 2nd draft content edits.

For those who are interested in the behind-the-scenes, initially Shards of Law was a giant beast of a book over 300,000 words long (that’s 1000+ pages). And that was after extensive edits and cuts. I decided my story was just too big for a trilogy, so I made the decision to transform it into a 4 book series. You can see that Shards of Law is still a pretty hefty book. That’s because some considerable rewriting happened to cut my first book into two separate books, and each book needed its own story arc, or focus. This means Book One (Shards of Law) grew in order to flesh out the story arc. I’m pretty pleased with the result, and I got to explore some characters more because of it, including my POV.

On the other side of the chop, however, Book Two (title TBA) became just a piece of an old manuscript. Extensive rewrites were needed in order to reframe the story arc and do justice to the characters (who had grown more complex than their originals). Hence why Book Two is taking time to unfold. I’m really excited with how it’s coming together, though, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Timeline: Spring 2021 release (tentative)

Originally, I wanted to release Book 2 in Spring 2020, but that’s not going to happen anymore for several personal reasons, as well as professional ones. This book has been difficult to write, but I think it’s important I do it well. On top of writing challenges (such as trying to juggle many complex plot lines), I’ve had several interruptions to my writing life, and I’m trying to find a healthy balance that still allows me to pay the bills and do what I love. Stay tuned for updates!

There are many stages to a well-done book:
– concept/outlining
– first draft
– author edits and second draft
– beta reader feedback and more edits, sometimes major rewrites
– the editor
– more edits and rewrites
– proofreading and testing
– production stage (cover and design)
– final proofread
– release!

Expect regular updates!

Any other questions? Head over my “Contact” page and send me your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.

Book Three of the Avanir Chronicles

Book Three of the Avanir Chronicles
100% Complete
200,000 of 200,000 words
first draft (rewrites pending)

Book Four and Five of the Avanir Chronicles

Book Four/Five of the Avanir Chronicles
100% Complete
200,000 of 200,000 words
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